You may boost your performance with Leyton escorts

By | February 6, 2021

Our sexual performance is down to our hormonal balances most of the time but there are many things we can do to boost our sexual performance. There are some tricks which Leyton escorts and porn stars use to boost their sexual performance, and perhaps we should take a leaf out of their book.

Think More About Sex

Quite often we find ourselves trying not to think about sex. We wrongly assume that others can see that we our having a sexual fantasy or day dream, so we try to avoid thinking about sex.

But this is where many of us go wrong. Instead of thinking about sex less, we should try to think about sex more. Leyton escorts of often say that they may not get turned on by all clients, so they have learned to have a rich fantasy life.

Leyton escorts often take time out to explore their sexual thoughts and dream up new ideas and techniques to please themselves and their clients. Thinking about sex more means that our bodies start to produce more of the hormones we need to enjoy and increase our performance.

Play with yourself

Masturbation or playing with yourself is often frowned upon, but it is a good tool when it comes to exploring your sexuality. When we play with ourselves, sexual fantasies pop into our heads and we should try to hang on to them,

All of these fantasies can teach us a thing or two about ourselves, and we should not be frighten to explore them. Fantasies and daydreams are important but learning to share them with others can be difficult. However, when we share our sexual fantasy world with others, we will also increase our performance and sexual stamina.

Watch a Porn Movie or Two

Good sex is all about stimulating your mind. There are many different ways to do this but one of the best ways is to watch a porn movie.

Don’t be afraid to say to yourself that you are actually enjoying the movie. This is pure pleasure, just let your senses drift away and try to imagine someone having sex with you like a porn star.

How is that making you feel? Do you feel like you are ready to go out there and enjoy yourself? Perhaps you would even like try some of the ideas which you learned from the movie?

Sex Toys

Sex toys are another way to increase sexual performance. We can use sex toys to explore each other, and learn more about what turns us on.

Playing with sex toys is also another great way to increase stamina, and help us to last that little longer in bed. You can bring someone almost to climax, and then slowly bring them back down again. Before you know it you have made love much longer than before, and have increased your sexual performance.

Most of these methods are tried and tested. They are often recommended by both sex therapists and Leyton escorts around the world, and they do work. The problem is that many of us are reluctant to put them into practice as we are often not very comfortable with exploring and challenging our sexuality. Perhaps it is about time we changed our attitude towards sex and started to appreciate all the pleasures great sex can bring us.


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